Social Media Best Practices

Social media has never been more important, but merely having an account does not mean you will be successful. Follow these best practices as a basis to make sure your social media platforms curate meaningful connections:

  1. Consistency: No, not all of your pictures have to use the same filter (though people do enjoy an aesthetically pleasing flow on Instagram), but what really matters is remaining true to your brand’s voice. Define who your brand is and what it stands for to ensure a consistent appearance that consumers can trust. Signature hashtags are also a great way to remain consistent and find your consumers, which comes into play with #4!
  2. Research: Understand who your consumers are so you can remain current. Word choice and images are key as groups vary on what speaks to them. If you know your audience, play to their needs.
  3. Know Your Competitors: See what your competitors are doing- what works for them and what doesn’t. Don’t copy them, though, as that will undermine the trust of your brand, but it could encourage new ideas.
  4. Engage & Interact: Consumers love brands who will engage and respond to them. Make your consumers/audience feel involved and special. Little things like replying to a post or answering a comment go a long way, but don’t feel like you have to get to everyone if you’re a large brand! Do your best.
  5. Select Your Platforms: Not every brand necessarily needs to be on every social media platform. Once you know your voice and audience, determine WHERE you can best reach those people with your message. Also, be creative! If pictures of your product aren’t the most interesting, maybe consumers using your product will be more so. Williams-Sonoma doesn’t just post pictures of baking tools, but instead posts recipes and food that uses their products.
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