Olympic and Super Bowl Advertising

Right now is a huge time for sport TV viewership. Between Super Bowl Sunday and not even a week later the Winter Olympics starting, now is the time to capitalize on advertising, especially if your product is sports related or sports viewing (think pizza, beer, chips, soda- you get the picture). Not every Olympic event is going to be viewed, but between the ice skating, snow boarding, and those opening and closing ceremonies, there are at least a handful of opportunities to capitalize on. Here are a few of our strategies:

  1. Take advantage of hashtags. Any trending hashtag on social media is a great opportunity to be a part of the conversation.
  2. Be relevant by commenting on a big event that happened. Did an underdog win Gold? Was there a huge oops? Make your product relevant, and again, join the conversation!
  3. Tag people! You never know if an athlete will retweet what you said. Take a risk, it might pay off!
  4. Make a seamless strategy. Toyota is releasing 6 ads between the Super Bowl and the Olympics, all with a central theme. The benefit of doing something like this is everyone is talking about it, wondering what will be next. Have a signature story and play into the themes of the time: patriotism, following your dreams, and being determined.
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