Snapchat Memories

snapchat-backgroundFor the most part, Snapchat has remained stagnant. The largest addition was the Discover rollout a year and a half ago, that is until Snapchat Memories debuted a week ago. Now you can save pictures you take in the app and share them later. This may help broaden its appeal, as you can also share pictures and videos not taken in the app.

In the My Memories section of the app, you can also search old pictures by dates, places and things like “beach,” making it very easy to find your old pictures. You can also edit the pictures before you share them by adding filters and geofilters.

If you enjoyed Snapchat for its secrecy, there is a password-protected section called “My Eyes Only.” These snaps can only be accessed with the password, however, the password cannot be recovered, so make sure you remember it!

Snapchat is now straddling the world of forgettable, silly pictures and timeless moments you cherish. What do you think of the addition?

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