2018 Marketing Trends

2018 is here and the digital realm continues to evolve prompting new marketing trends, so what will be big in 2018? Below are a few of the marketing trends we know will continue to be huge this year.

  1. Transparency and Accountability for corporations: Just like every other realm of life, accountability is HUGE. People want others to be held accountable for their mistakes, and the same is expected for businesses. Brands that are green, assist the community, and treat their employees well are viewed much more favorably. This is the year for authentic brands and for brands to SHOW consumers behind the scenes.
  2. Non-visual content: People can now ask Siri, Alexa, and Google what the weather is, to order more paper towels, and text a friend, making consumers more comfortable with a non-visual experience. Podcasts are also gaining in popularities, so brands need to capitalize on these opportunities
  3. Individual communication: A simple FAQ page is no longer sufficient. Consumers demand easy, personalized answers, which is why chat bots are huge right now for any business that needs customer support or sales information.
  4. Influencer content: Bloggers were all the rage in 2017, and though this is still true, there is a slight change in brands strategy. Now, brands are honing in on individuals who have similar values, target audiences, and have established communities. It is easier and less expensive to gain traction with an established individual than build a community from scratch.
  5. Live video: Between Instagram, Facebook, and personal pages, live videos are taking off. It is a way for a stronger consumer connection and Facebook reported users comment 10x more during live videos, thus encouraging greater interaction. Now, these videos need to be relevant and well thought out, but they are more genuine and authentic than prepared videos, which relates to our first note.



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